BOOYAH!!!! 03-21-07 21:44
I won the war. And there doesn't seem to be much chance for revenge.

*see previous post*

I almost feel tech-savvy now.
TAKE THAT, TROJANS!!!! 03-20-07 23:01
I missed a day of school, I had tension headaches from hours upon hours on the line with microsoft tech support (who didn't exactly help much, btw), my GPA might drop due to absolutely no homework getting done...

But, victory is close at hand!

Okay, so I've won some battles but can't be certain of the war outcome. But the fact that I can post this without the computer shutting off is amazing. And the virus scan, which I am running for the 5th time in less than two days, is only 28% done, but usually it's found all its issues by now because it's searched the system folders, and so far- nothing!!! EVERYBODY DANCE!!!

Plus, its not constantly spamming out random e-mails. Even better!

The main virus was of the Nuwar family. I don't plan on keeping cordial relationships with that one. It also turned up other names, such as Galapop and Mespan.

I used Trend Micro's page on the virus (my computer wouldn't let me run HouseCall for whatever reason, so I just modified it to use Windows Live OneCare). Actually, OneCare missed a lot of trojan/havoc-wreaking files, so I had to search for the processes and find their path... I now know much more about certain processes. sass.exe, adirss.exe, lnwin.exe, adirka.exe.... they really suck, too.

But, now they should be out of my system and registry. Yayyyyy!!!!

I feel accomplished today.

Now to defrag, both desktop and cranium.
I miss schelly... 03-16-07 00:24
I think the reason why I don't post as often as I used to is because I don't use my old schelly blog anymore... not to mention my layout's gone. Part of my elowel experience was putting in a new picture of Xena each day. I'm not sure if I'd do it the same way, but my posting surely dropped off after I got this account.

However, my 'blogthink' is still going strong. Every now and then I will start thinking about what I'm doing as if I were writing it in a blog. I used to store it in memory until my evening posting, but mostly now they remain my own thoughts.

For the heck of it (and because I really don't want to write that essay for Hammonds), I shall try to recreate some 'blog-thinking' from the past few weeks.


"Can you get a ride or walk to school today?" I ask my sister. "I'm riding my bike today."

The sunrise is just too inviting. It calls to me, begged me to return to my outdoor ways after a winter of driving.

By the time I reach Matt's street I'm huffing and puffing- months of daily binge-eating and 'net-surfing have taken their toll on my body. But between the blood pumping through my veins and the crisp morning air slapping all the sleep out of me, I feel more alive than I had felt at 8:15 in the morning in a long time.

As I get closer I speed past other kids heading to school. I grin to myself as I think of what I look like. A sweet helmet with a visor, a chemistry textbook strapped to my bike rack, high-water pants lifting with each pedal to reveal yellow-and-black striped socks that delight me with their contrast to the rest of my wardrobe- yeah. I'm cool.
Okay, so I got a new laptop fairly recently. I still haven't put any anti-virus stuff on it yet (our wi-fi has a firewall, and I think Vista's a little more secure than past Microsoft systems, but still...). I have a trial of Norton, but I don't think I want to use it- I hear it slows things down more than other software.

We get free McAfee through comcast. Should I just use this? Or would you experts out there recommend splurging and getting something better?
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